Korapop 954 negro
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Korapop 954 negro

Korapop 954 Adhesive Sealant

Highly efficient adhesive with great sealing power. Especially suitable for joints between teak deck and fibre, or teak deck and aluminium.

Very suitable for sealing windows and glass.

Resistant to UVA rays, certified for marine environments.

It is the equivalent of Sikaflex 295UV, but with greater adhesion power.

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3 €4.00 Up to €12.00
€14.00 (tax incl.) €14.00 (tax excl.)

This adhesive sealant is a very high efficiency product. Great bonding power, even under water. 

Very suitable for making watertight seals at any point on the boat, whether it is in inkpots, windows, methacrylates or any element to be sealed.