Super-Multicapa tablero de sapelli 100%
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Super-Multicapa tablero de sapelli 100%


Plywood panel, RINA approved (RINA certified n° DIP084605MI/02), phenol or melamine gluing, constructed exclusively with Mahogany wood

  • 7mm 7 capas
  • 9mm 9 capas
  • 11mm 11 capas
  • 13mm 13 capas
  • 15mm 15 capas
  • 17mm 17 capas
  • 5mm 5 capas
€104.00 (tax incl.) €104.00 (tax excl.)

The rotary cut Mahogany marine plywood® is characterized by an excellent durability and a high mechanical resistance.

This product is specific for boatbuilding, considering also the extreme conditions of its applications (excellent durability in

environments with a high level of humidity, also saline).

The phenol or melamine gluing is suitable for exterior applications (EN 314 Class 3 - UNI 6478/69 Type M 100).

In boatbuilding the Mahogany plywood is used for both structural applications and fittings. It can be realised also with a thin ply or extremely thin ply construction to be used where high mechanical performances are required